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I made this website to keep you Anime Freak’s updated with the latest Anime.

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Naruto Shippuden



I know maybe not a lot of people will use this website maybe I’m wasting my time, but who knows? I’ll do my best to keep you updated with everything as soon as possible. If you want more Anime listed and to be posted email me at animefreaktv@live.com or leave a comment below with the name of your Anime. You do not need to register to comment or reply.


Anime Website(s)

http://www.animefreak.tv/ Has ton’s of Anime’s not just Naruto and Bleach. Ex: A-Channel, Afro Samurai, Ai Yori  Aoshi, and lots more!




http://www.narutoget.com/ Watch Naruto!



http://www.bleachget.com/ Watch Bleach!

Bleach Episode 167 & 325


Bleach Episode 167 English Dubbed
The Moment of Conclusion, The End of Grimmjow


Bleach Episode 325 English Subbed
The Shinigami of Justice Appears!

Bleach Movie(s)

Bleach Movie 1 English Subbed– Memories of Nobody

Bleach Movie 2 English Subbed– The Diamond Dust Rebellion

Bleach Movie 3: Fade to Black English Subbed– Fade to Black (I Call Your Name)

Bleach Movie 4: Hell Chapter English Subbed– Hell Chapter

Bleach The Sealed Sword Frenzy OVA 1– The Sealed Sword Frenzy

Naruto Shippuuden Movie(s)

Naruto Movie 1 English Subbed– Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow

Naruto Movie 1 English Dubbed– Ninja Clash In The Land Of Snow

Naruto Movie 2 English Subbed– Great Clash! The Ruins at the Depths of the Earth

Naruto Movie 2 English Dubbed– Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Naruto Movie 3 English Subbed– The Animal Riot of Crescent Moon Island

Naruto Movie 3 English Dubbed– Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom

Naruto Shippuden The Movie 1 English Subbed– Naruto Shippuden The Movie 1 English Subbed

Naruto Shippuden The Movie 1 English Dubbed– Naruto Shippuden The Movie 1 English Dubbed

Naruto Shippuden Movie 2 English Subbed– Bonds Kizuna

Naruto Shippuden Movie 3 English Subbed– Inheritors of the Will of Fire

Naruto Shippuden Movie 4 – The Lost Tower– The Lost Tower

Naruto Shippuden Episode 215


Naruto Shippuudden Episode 215!

It’s out!